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Not too much to report — or maybe I’m just feeling lazy after today’s amazing Indian Summer picnic and romp through the park.Yes, those are short-sleeves and barefeet…and I was wearing a tank-top.  That’s what I get for blogging about fleece and tights!Not that we’re going to complain about extra days of summer, no m’am.Of course, that does mean that, instead of productive this afternoon, we spent 3 hours lazing about Tuppency walking the dog.  (Yes, it was all about being a good pet owner.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)The whole week wasn’t like this, though.  I did have some incredibly productive hours and didn’t do half bad on meeting my goals.  I managed to squeak by on leftovers, which meant grocery shopping last week was for milk eggs and cheese only, which made the grocery budget very happy.  After my crazy, up-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-bed day I actually got out my yoga mat.  I knew I needed to center myself, and I did exactly that.  It was nice.  I’m really sorry that I’ve let yoga go so much — it’s one of those things that is so easy to push aside; we mom’s always put ourselves last, right?  I’ve been looking at a website for a local yoga studio for a while; I think I’m actually going to go this week.

The thing I was most proud of this week was the gift we made for Nora’s friend’s birthday.  I am totally on a role with my sewing!  I was going to share pictures of it today, but it’s just awesome enough that I want it to have it’s own post.  Will you hate me if I post them tomorrow?  Oh the suspense.

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  1. Just what I did with my girls! Enjoy magnificent Nantucket and lazy days of childhood!!! Looking forward to seeing the cute outfit. I also once sewed all my clothes, however, before kids! Have a great week!

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