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Last Sunday was take three on Nora’s birthday.  We had originally planned to take Nora on a harbor ice cream cruise on her actual birthday, but bad weather that day cancelled the tours for the day.  This past weekend we were finally able to squeeze it in.
We managed to take off just in time for a tiny break in the clouds.  I had bought the tickets quite a while ago when Shearwater Excursions had offered them half price on the Nantucket TownPool.  Since it was so late in the season (and sort of a cool, gray day) we were the only ones on the boat.  A private harbor tour for $45 isn’t bad at all.
Nora was already really excited as we got on the boat. Pulling out of the slip and into the harbor was too much: she just kept pointing at boats and saying, “Look at the big one!  Look at the little one!  Do you see, Mama?  See, Dada, see?”

Besides yachts (which are already starting to thin out), we also got a look at one of the last commercial fishing boats on the island.
Nora was excited to have ice cream “for breakfast” (we went at 10).
I was a little disappointed about the ice cream part, because they listed it on their website as being from the juice bar (meaning made locally), but it wasn’t.  Lame.  It was disappointing for the grown ups but Nora, of course, didn’t care, and that was really what mattered.Since we were the only ones there, our captain/guide let Nora have a chance driving the boat.That reminded her of Papa’s boat and she spent time talking about Uncle RJ and Uncle Brandon not being on the boat this time.

Our guide grew up here on Nantucket and had lots of interesting things to say about the island.  We were able to get some different views of Brant Point,the coast guard station
and the Steamship Authority docks.We ogled multi-million dollar housesand cottages floating above nothing but ocean.About half way through, the clouds returned and it got chilly with the ocean breeze, so chivalrous Dada gave his favorite girl his coat.
Despite the less than friendly weather, we had a good time. And Nora was happy to not only go on a boat ride but to get to eat breakfast out (with hot tea!) afterwards.  Between her birthday dinner, birthday tea, and birthday boat ride, I’d say that these past two weeks were a second birthday mission accomplished!

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  1. I love Nora’s Nantucket sweater. Is that a homemade item or are they available for sale somewhere?

    1. I wish I could knit like that! I’m pretty much limited to scarves and blankets and…square things. It’s from Pinwheels (on Center Street).

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