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It’s been quiet around here, because I was away on vacation with no internet access. I had intended to write posts and have them publish automatically while I was gone, but with everything else that needed to get done before I left, it just didn’t happen. I hope you didn’t miss me too much!

We had quite the week away, so I’m going to split this into two posts. First the good stuff:
Sunday, we loaded up the car with way more things than 1.5 people should really need and drove onto to the ferry for the two hour trip to America. It was a beautiful day and I was looking forward to having some relaxing time away with Nora and seeing my dad and (two of) my brothers, so we were in good spirits as we headed off island.

The car ride went reasonably well (especially given that Nora never spends more than 10 minutes sitting in her car seat). It definitely didn’t hurt that I was prepared with lots of snacks and toys, and we made it up to New Hampshire in a little bit under six hours with very little to complain about.
I was so excited to pull up to the lake! And so was Nora.

When I was a kid, we spent all of our summers on Lake Winnepesauke. First, sleeping on a boat in a marina, then later in this house on Rattlesnake Island. When I was in high school, my grandfather got sick and my grandparents ended up selling that house; I haven’t been back to the lake for nearly 10 years, so this vacation was very nostalgic.

My dad rented an amazing house on another of the lake’s islands. With plenty of space for Nora to play, swimming, and even walking in the woods.

Our little scaredy-cat has turned into quite the little fish, so she wanted in the water as soon as we got out there,clothing and all.

It was a too-short 4.5 day trip, but we jam-packed it in with swimming, fishing, (which can sometimes be boring enough that it calls for a nap),
a trip to Wolfeborough and visits to our favorite places(all still there!),
kayaking, tubing, water skiing, and lots and lots of boat rides Nora even had her first experience driving!(Far away from the shore)

The lake was exactly as I remember it, crystal clear with a rock and sand bottom. No mud or muck like the “lakes” we visited while living in the south. It was wonderful to see my dad and I was thrilled with how much Nora loved her Papa. My dad is dreaming of retiring on the lake and I couldn’t help but think, the entire time we were out there, how wonderful that would be.

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    Lovelorn Poets

    Great to see you had such a fun time coming to America and that Nora enjoys the water! 🙂

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