Sunday Funday


Yesterday was pretty fabulous.  It started out good and just seemed to get better and better – and I’m talking about more than winning a $700 stroller.  Chris got up with Nora, as is our weekend tradition, and I got to sleep in until 9:00, which always feels ridiculously decadent.  I never would have thought sleeping until nine was a big deal until I had kids…but it is, and I love our Saturday and Sunday arrangement.  Then I ran off to the take-it-or-leave-it at the landfill where I found a playhouse tent from Land of Nod in excellent condition.  One thing I love about living somewhere full of very wealthy people is that they throw away all kinds of great things.  I took it apart, washed it, reassembled it and packed it away to await Nora’s birthday.  She’s going to love it.

After that trip, we took Pip for a little romp out at Tupency Links so he could burn some energy.  …and Nora, too.  She walks the whole loop now and loves it.  She likes to inspect grass and flowers, bugs, rocks, and sand.  We meander along watching Pip race back and forth and just have a lovely time.

After her nap, we ate a(n always) delicious lunch at (where else?) the Brotherhood.  Chris had to go in to work for a bit to shoot a segment for Plum TV, which is pretty neat too.

He had a set up downstairs in the prep kitchen so they could film him making and talking about two of the restaurant’s signature dishes.  It was a little annoying for him to have to go in on his one day off (especially because there was a little time snafu), but being on TV isn’t a bad reason.

I’m so proud of my hardworking (and pretty darn good-looking) hubby!!  When we get a link to the video, I’ll be sure to share it.

Since Chris had to work, Nora and I had some time to kill, so we headed back out to Bartlet for more strawberries.  This time, picking might have been a little bit less romantic – it took longer because I picked three quarts (to make jam), Nora made a giant mess of herself and was constantantly touching my white-striped dress, and she spent the whole time whining about how she wanted to be doing this:

You see, right by the entry of the market, Bartlett’s has a playground.  Heaven forbid, we walk past it without swinging!She really does love swinging.

But it worked out.  With minimal crying, I got my strawberries picked, she got her time on the tire swing, and then we headed back into town to see Chris…who should have been done, but was still waiting for the guy to show up.  We were all pretty bummed not to be able to go back to our original plans for the afternoon, but we decided to make the best of it, and ended up taking a nice little stroll through town and stopping to watch the ferry boat leave.

It was a jammed packed day, with a few unexpected changes, but it turned out to be lots and lots of goodness, as have most days lately.  The Verve was just icing on a very delicious cake.

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