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Tuesday in town, a reporter from the Inquirer and Mirror approached us and asked if we wanted to answer the question of the week and be in the newspaper.  How fun, we thought.  Of course, this week’s question was, what are you thankful for?

There are a ton of things that I could have said.Beachesand lighthouses.

The kindness of strangers:the stranger who rescued a favorite stuffed dog almost lost on Orange Street; and the stranger who stopped on the street to help move Nora’s new (massive) armoire into our house.…The armoire itself and the amazing deal I got on it ($96!).

Pie.Mini apple pies for breakfast and beautiful, beautiful Thanksgiving pies.(And a giant pitcher of Chris’ homemade eggnog.)

Quick and natural tablescapes.

A delicious feast that practically cooked itself.

A silly Nantucket board game.

Friendsand family.

And the most wonderful girl in the world.

I could have said any one of those things, but I didn’t.  What I told the reporter, within seconds of being asked, was that I am thankful for this man.This man who works incredibly hard so I can have every other thing for which I’m thankful.  And who, when asked what he’s thankful for, says he’s thankful for Nantucket and for his job because it lets me stay home with Nora.How did I get so lucky?

—This is my post for You Capture.

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  1. Laura Zurowski Avatar
    Laura Zurowski

    What a great Thanksgiving post! Hope you had a wonderful day (and that pitcher of eggnog looked fantastic :-).

  2. Katy Stone Avatar

    What a sweet post! Your Thanksgiving spread looks amazing! And what a fun eggnog pitcher!!

  3. Susan @ Sunflower Status Avatar
    Susan @ Sunflower Status

    What a sweet post! I loved the mini pies and the Thanksgiving spread.

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