Though most of our families are in Texas or Iowa, I do have some family on the east coast.  My dad’s mom and brother (and his family) live in Burlington, Vermont, which is a ferry ride and about five hours away.  It’s funny, you would think that five hours isn’t that much, but some how we still only manage to see one another on rare holidays.  Between Chris’ crazy work schedule, Nora’s dislike of long car trips, lots of bad timing, and (now) the cost of taking our car on the ferry, we don’t get up there too often.   So when Mim told me that she was going to hitch a ride to Hyannis and come visit us last week, I was thrilled.

You know how there are people in your family that you would probably be friends with even if you weren’t related to one another?  Well, Mim is one of those people for me.  I loved visiting her when I was a kid and have so many wonderful memories of just her and me. I was glad to add the last few days to those memories, and also for Nora to get to spend time with her “great-Mim.”

She had lost of fun being silly with Mim Friday afternoon and playing dress up in her birthday tutu.

Of course, we walked Mim all over town and made an obligatory visit to a beach. Saturday, we stopped by a kickball game out at Tom Nevers. Nora and Mim watched and played on the playground, while I rediscovered the joy of an elementary school sport.  Too fun! And they left me a few surprise pictures on my camera!

We ate lots of yummy food: Chris’ green curry at the Brotherhood, rosemary red soup, and pan-fried tofu and greens with almond-ginger glazed noodles (a recipe which will eventually get added to the blog).  She brought some adorable pj’s, a snowsuit, and Nora’s first pair of real, hard-bottomed lace-up shoes, plus a ton of apples(!) so I could make apple butter.  We discovered Mimmy’s never-ending enthusiasm for reading (the surest way to Nora’s heart).

And we just had a great, though short, visit.  Now that she’s made the trip once, she’s promised to try to come more often…and we’re going to hold her to that!

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  1. Nora’s a little girl now. Look at that tutu!!

  2. I had the BEST time, thanks Amber, Chris and Nora. I will come again soon. It wasn’t a bad drive as long as you miss traffic in Boston. Love you Mim

  3. Laura Zurowski Avatar
    Laura Zurowski

    That photo of Nora in the hallway with the tutu is hysterical! Looks like it’s getting colder out there… (all the hats give it away :-).

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