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I don’t want to dwell too long on all the things I didn’t do in the last two weeks.  (Like Housewife Challenge #1, Housewife Challenge #2, Housewife Challenge #3, Housewife Challenge #4…or even writing this post on time.)  Basically I was a big slacker this week, so I’d much rather write about what I did do and start fresh today.

So if I wasn’t sewing, doing yoga, keeping house, and living within my means, what was I doing the last few days?  Well, I was…

Having lots of fun playing with Nora and Mr. V

Cleaning up floods

and going for walks

on super rainy, summer thunderstorm days.

Worrying about scary baby rashes

and taking a trip to the doctor to be reassured that it’s an allergy, not the chicken pox, silly first-time mama.
(But getting something new to worry about when they weighed her – 18 lb 10oz – she’s dropped from the 40th to the 20th percentile.)

Starting Nora on her first ever “cleanse” diet.

and finding out what happens when you give a baby a snack on the floor.

Being in awe of all the standing she’s doing

with her super cute baby feet.

Scoping out yard sales and the take-it-or-leave-it for awesome finds.

(Free(!) walker wagon and $5 trike!)

Baking pita bread.

Recipe here!

Working for Bard.

Going with Chris on our first ever baby-less date since Nora was born  (thanks to Mr. V’s mama who baby-sat).

And coveting a new (used) camera (who wants to loan me $600?).

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  1. I’d say you were plenty busy : )

    I like the floor snack pictures.

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