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Staying at home doesn’t just mean more time with Nora.  It also means more time with Chris, which is also an amazing gift.  When we still lived in New York and I was working, we were like ships in the night.  Chris and I saw each other on Sundays and for about 30 minutes in the evening after he came home from work and before I crashed at night.  Nantucket means so much more than baby time – there’s some family time every morning before he goes to work and on his days off, week day or not.  Not having to be out the door in the morning for work means being able to surprise him with breakfast (Nora’s idea…or so she told him when he got up) and being able to have a date on a Monday evening.

And that’s exactly what we did this Monday.  We took a fantastic bottle of La Fleur de Quinault and had our own private dining room at Brotherhood, where we gobbled down a cheese plate and Mediterranean flat bread appetizer (before I could take a picture) and then feasted on local littlenecks and steak.

All while Nora played in the corner.  Because dates are family affairs in the Hinds household.  No baby left behind.  When she was snuggled up and sound asleep in her car seat, we drove out to Cisco Beach to gaze at moonlit waves from a beach blanket (always ready in the car).  And we did a little snuggling ourselves; giggling like teenagers at the novelty of a beach so close to home, all to ourselves, stars and moonlight, the warm glow of wine, and our first real date since Nora was born.

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  1. Mary Krembs Avatar
    Mary Krembs

    I’m so happy you guys are happy. When I read this post I thought “I endorse the life they are striving to live” Not that my endorsement means JS, but that’s just my silly way of saying “GO GIRL”.

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