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This week Chris had a rare two days off in a row.  Nora and my gift to him for Father’s Day was a whole day of doing whatever he wanted, so Tuesday, he said he wanted to go to the beach.

You might expect this to be a post about how we all went to the beach, went swimming, played in the sand, and had lots of fun.  This isn’t that kind of post.

Yes, there was an adorable first bathing suit.

And some fun playing with rocks far from the water’s edge, under the shade of her Marist umbrella tent.

And we even managed to sneak in a few mostly-happy family pictures.

But as we neared crashing waves, the worried look started to set in.

And despite Dad’s best efforts to interest her in levee building…

She would have none of it.

It took lots of mom time and a two-and-a-half hour nap to recover from that trauma.  So, it turns out we don’t have a natural born beach baby, even though both Chris and I love sand and salt water.  We’re going to have to work on introducing waves and sandcastle building at a much slower pace than anticipated.  This is the first time I’ve seen her scared of anything, so it’s a new parenting challenge.  Any advice?

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  1. I LOVE the levee building project,t hat’s hilarious. Aria’s just stared freaking out about loud noises, for example, vaccums. she loses it when I trun the thing on, even in another room. it’s just a phase they go through. does she go in any pools? it took aria 30 minutes to be happy in a pool. maybe try that?

    1. We haven’t tried a pool yet, but that’s a good idea. There’s one here, maybe we can try it to desensitize her to the water fear a bit. I was thinking we might go next time to a beach on the harbor where there aren’t any waves to see if that might help.

      1. that’s a good idea too. I think it just takes time to figure out why all that cold stuff is moving towards you : )

  2. Amber, the pics are beautiful. You are so lucky to live by such an amazing beach. We will miss you here though!

  3. John Hinds Avatar
    John Hinds

    Well, my 2 cents is she’ll get used to it soon enough but I am reminded of one of Chris’ first exposures to freight trains. I foolishly stood holding him near the tracks and the experience clearly shook him, so we got the heck outta there post haste. The ocean sounds, considering the pictures, wouldn’t have been anything like that, but, hey, maybe she is super sensitive. And, maybe she was just tired – and hungry.

    But the water is beautiful, and lot’s of sunshine. You guys better soak it up for you’ll miss this in the dead of winter when all has been gray and cold and dismal and damp and one Nor’easter after another rolls over Nantucket for months on end.

  4. Don’t you remember the first time that you two tried to bath her? I was there and she did not like it much. It may take Nora a couple of times before she likes doing new things. Reminds me of the beach pictures when we took you to the beach in New Hampshire for the first time. Although, you were walking and had more hair. I’ll have to find those photos and post them on my FB page. Love you guys!

  5. I’ll post a couple of Chad’s baby photos, too.

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