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We’ve had Nora home for a week now and have been having a great time with her. She is very easy going (with the exception of the first time Chris and I tried to bathe her – it was too cold) and has been letting us sleep 4-5 hours at a time at night. She even, thankfully, slept completely through her first restaurant experience when Grandma Shari took us out to eat for Nora’s one week birthday.

My mom’s arrival was perfectly timed, actually. Her plane landed less than an hour after Nora was born and she arrived just two hours later. She stayed until Tuesday afternoon, and we were really sorry to see her go – it turns out she could have a career as a pretty fabulous postpartum doula. Not only is our house ten times cleaner than when she came, we also have flowers in the flowerbeds and tons of food in the refrigerator/freezer. I’m not sure what we would have done without her the first week. She certainly set a high standard for grandparent visits…

Besides dinner, we’ve had a few other little outings: once to Waddle ‘n’ Swaddle for some breastfeeding advice from Jenn, the owner; on Saturday to the farm to see Katrina and pick up our vegetables; and a trip to Babies’R’Us. Nora is really good about car rides – just falls asleep and doesn’t complain at all, so long as she’s fed right before leaving home. She’s been on two walks now and seems to enjoy them, as well. It’s definitely fall, though, so we have to make sure she’s all bundled up – it’s even starting to get cool during the days.

Tuesday was Nora’s first doctor’s appointment with Dr. Vigna, our family doctor. Dr. Vigna is great; she specilizes in intergrative medicine and is open to alternative treatments before medicating, which we really like. She’s currently in Red Hook, which is 45 minutes away, but at the end of October she’s moving her practice to Highland, which is just 10 minutes north of us. Anyway, Nora weighed 7lbs 3oz (almost back to birth weight; yay!) and was over 21 inches long. We think she’s completely perfect and the doctor agrees. 🙂

Second through the revolving door of grandparents was John, Chris’ dad. He arrived yesterday and will be staying through the weekend to visit with Nora. Here’s a picture of him and Nora (who, we think, may have gotten Chad’s ears).

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