Three Weeks


Nora is three weeks old today! In honor of her three week “birthday,” here are some pictures from the week.

Daddy and Nora Nap Time


 Super Cute Baby Feet


 Cloth diapers finally fit!

Hey, maybe bath time isn’t so bad…

Nora’s birthday card for dad is almost as big as her!

Chris had a birthday, too, this week.  He’s 24!  Thanks to everyone who sent cards and well wishes.  To celebrate, we went out to our favorite restaurant, The Artist’s Palate, for lunch and I baked him a chocolate beet cake with all the beets from the farm.  As a present, I got Chris a pasta roller attachment for the Kitchen Aid, which he has been wanting since he worked at 21 Federal last summer.

Tomorrow is his first day at work, so stay tuned to hear about that…

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