going for a walk

The 10th Month


Still hanging in there and hanging out.

I worked all week this week. It was slowing down a bit since the semester starts Monday, but still relatively busy (I had to finalize my goals for 2009-2010). It wasn’t bad, though, that baby decided to give me this week, because it let me do that and go to our office “retreat”. Maybe I’ll even be there to see the kids start class – it would appear baby doesn’t have any plans otherwise. Luckily, I still feel pretty good – my back is sore, but that’s about it – I even went to yoga last night and walked around the mall for two hours hoping to get this kid moving (no luck). Then, I took a bath because Kelly swears that’s what made her go into labor with Noah (no luck).
I’ve got some ideas for today, if Chris ever wakes up. I’ve been up for two and a half hours and I’ve been trying to be nice and let him sleep, but I’m starting to get hungry…
…and, who knows, maybe some spicy food will do the trick…

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