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Perfect Day


I had today off from work, and it was wonderful! I went to the doctor this morning, ran a few errands, hung out by the pool in the sunshine with Margarete for 3+ hours, came home and relaxed, then went to yoga. It was a great relaxing day!

My doctor’s visit went well – I’m still at 156 lbs, so no weight gain this week, and she thinks that baby will be about seven pounds. If I go two weeks over, then I might have an eight-pounder, but she thinks seven is more likely. (Of course, all that is just speculation based upon my weight, measurements, and her feeling my stomach, so there’s no science to it). And Grandma Norma will be happy to hear that my pelvis looks just fine for delivering babies, since she had been asking. We’re in no rush to go there yet, though, as there are still a few things I want to get done before baby makes his or her debut…

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