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It’s A Boy! …Maybe…


Last weekend, on a business trip to Vermont, I was lucky enough to get to stay at Mim’s and Papa’s house. (Yay, molasses cookies!!! And, German chocolate cake.) Mim and my Aunt Leslie did the ol’ ring-on-a-string test on me to determine if baby is a boy or girl. And boy, did the ring swing back and forth like crazy – which according to the old wives’ tale means that baby is going to be a boy (or so we think, anyway. I looked it up on the internet and some sites said boy, others said girl, so we surveyed a few people to see what they remember and “boy” won.) So it’s a boy, maybe. Or maybe not.

Of course, the Chinese Conception Calendar says baby is a girl (when you use my chinese age, which was 24 at the time of conception); so I think we haven’t really gotten any where. But speculation sure is fun. 🙂

I don’t have a picture of the ring test until Mim emails it to me, but Chris took this one of me and my big belly this evening. What do you think does it look like a boy or a girl?

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