To Puck


On Tuesday night, our amazing and funny baby-dog was hit by a car and on Wednesday, he left us, missing him forever.

Wonderful Auntie Maliko wrote a eulogy for him, as only she could, and because, like the good friend she is, she probably knew I couldn’t.

Puck: October 15, 2005 to February 25, 2009

Puck, we’ll miss you dearly. We’ll miss your intelligent and incredible personality, your love for Amber and Chris, your abject adoration of Marty, your love affair with the stuffed duck, your difficulty “holding it” at the front door when your best friends came over (who can blame you, if I were that excited I’d be peeing myself too!), but most of all we’ll just miss you Puck-puck. You were the funniest, silliest dog I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and living with. You’re the best Puck…

Thank you, Maliko, and everyone else who let us know you’re sad for us.

We love you, Puck, and we’re sorry. We miss you so much it hurts.

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