Baby’s First Picture


Today Chris and I had our first ultrasound. It was pretty exciting to see what a perfect little person the baby is. The ultrasound tech was able to get a picture of a little hand sticking up so we could see each individual finger. Getting to see baby is really making this start to feel real.


The tech had to wake baby up and get her/him to move so she could get better measurements and, boy, did baby not want to cooperate! After s/he finally woke up it looked like s/he was playing with the umbilical cord! Chris got to hear the heartbeat for the first time and we could see the chest moving on the ultrasound. I told Chris we should get stock in GE (see the little logo in the upper left-hand corner?), because people are always going to want to see their babies.

I haven’t felt the baby move yet, but that should start pretty soon, which’ll be our next milestone. I have my new patient meeting next week where I get to learn all about the doctor’s office and hospital. The tech said we’ll be able to tell the baby’s sex at the next sonogram, which is at the end of March, but we’re leaning toward not finding out until baby’s birthday. My coworkers don’t like this idea and Kelly, my boss, who has a seven-week-old wants to know if she should be saving boy clothes for me…but I think the suspense will be fun. Any thoughts?

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