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On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Nora practically runs away from me in her rush to get to school.


She is loving the cute little Montessori preschool we found for her in a renovated house, making a bunch of friends, and having such a grand old time she hardly wants to be at home.


(Or stop for pictures on her way in the gate.)

I’ll admit it is sort of nice to have her back in preschool again.  It’s nice to have Nora off in the world for just a bit exploring and building new relationships, and for me to go back to baby world again spending time playing just with Zara at a slower pace and also getting time to work during her nap.  Last year I just did not have the time or energy to do as much website work because of having two little ones at home by myself 99% of the time.  Chris took a 30% pay cut for this new job, which means that we are back in the position we were in on Nantucket where I need to make some money to help support us, but I will tell you have having him home with us evenings and weekends is worth every penny that we gave up and more.  I would make that financial decision again in a heartbeat. The past few weeks I’ve been doing more work to make up my share of the pot and I am loving it.  I had completely forgotten how much I enjoy the creative and challenging aspects of creating a website and turning my client’s visions into reality.  So, me “having” to make money is actually not much of a hardship at all.

For the first time ever, now that we bought the armoire for Chris’ computer, I actually have a desk (instead of working at the kitchen table or couch or wherever I could find a free spot).  Finally having a desk is the perfect symbol of the renewed efforts I am putting into making this hobby of mine a real business (I even made business cards for the first time).


Of course, I had to have a little reminder of why I am doing all this work:


This print from one of my first website clients, Deborah Friedson, is my favorite thing on my desk and is a great visual of the reason I sometimes work until 2 am or get up at 6:30 to talk to a client on the east coast – all so I can help give my girls the life Chris and I envision for them.  Incidentally, when I get engrossed in a website (because I do think this job is fun) it also is a good reminder of why I might need to come up for air and of what my first priorities are.

This year I have set a financial goal for myself and am going to try to actually make this a steady part-time business.  I’m hoping this can be something that transitions to full-time once our kids are all in school, so I’m starting laying the ground work for that now.  Considering I get to do my work at home with the cutest little helpers


and it’s something that I find fun to do, I don’t think I could find a job I like better.

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  1. michellemakesthings Avatar

    This is awesome! It’s so great doing work that you love to do. Also, Nora’s pretty much the sweetest thing ever!

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