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  • By Focusing on the Opt-Outers, We Are Ignoring the Real Issues with Common Core, Slate  — “we should all give a little more thought to how the new testing push is affecting people like Tiffany, a young woman from Queens who wants to be a nurse, but still lacks a high school diploma 18 months after the end of her senior year, because she has failed a global history exam 11 times. While global history is important, perhaps she doesn’t need to master it to become a great nurse. “
  • GoldieBlox: Great for Girls? Terrible for Girls? Or Just Selling Toys?, Slate — Interesting perspective on the toys that are trying to market themselves as something that will help girls become engineers
  • If You Shop on Thanksgiving, You Are Part of the Problem, The Matt Walsh Blog — I could not have said it better myself.   Not only do Chris and I refuse to shop on Thanksgiving, but we also refuse to shop on Black Friday and the whole darn weekend.  We won’t even shop online.  I wish more people would join us in this rejection of the need for more and more cheaper stuff.  Are you really going to want or need it at this time next year?
  • Where is the Love?, NY Times — “Let’s acknowledge one point made by these modern social Darwinists: It’s true that some people in poverty do suffer in part because of irresponsible behavior, from abuse of narcotics to criminality to laziness at school or jobs. But remember also that many of today’s poor are small children who have done nothing wrong.”
  • Why Must We Refrigerate Eggs While Europe Doesn’t?, Fooducate — “That still doesn’t explain why Europeans don’t wash their eggs, and why they don’t require refrigeration. Europe in known for more consumer friendly regulations, and it sounds like clean, safe eggs would be an imperative. The answer may lie in the fact that European food agencies also abide by higher standards of animal husbandry. This means larger cages for hens, and in many countries, a substantial percentage of poultry raised in more roomy environs (think free range or similar). This means there is less chance a hen will lay an egg where she craps. So perhaps European eggs aren’t as dirty…”
  • Women’s Health Is No Longer a Man’s World, NY Times (Archives)  — I was reading this article from 2001 about the fine line walked in hiring practices when it comes to OB-GYNs because so many women prefer a female doctor over a male one.  I find it very interesting because while I do agree that it may not be right to not hire a doctor based upon their gender, I also see it from the business perspective of wanting a doctor that will attract the broadest spectrum of clients and from the perspective for a female who has never chosen and never will chose a male OB-GYN.  Old article, but probably just as relevant (if not more so) today.

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