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Finds of the Week

  • Baby on Board, Bicycling — a bicycle trip with a one year old.  “I marveled that this was the same day I thought the three of us were going to die of dehydration. I sunk my spoon into some blackberry sorbet, and thought about how pushing limits—no matter what the ­limits are, how wild or tame they might be—brings into sharp focus what it means to be alive.”
  • Busting breastfeeding m’larky, Our Milky Way — a look at breastfeeding myths: how they start and how to elminate them
  • How to bring peace to the witching hour, Simple Mom — three great tips for surviving the worst hours of the day with our kids
  • Looking Back to Look Ahead — Love Christina’s writing.  This post about doing work as part of a CSA share is engrossing.  I never had these feelings or experiences with our farmers.  They always seemed so accepting and excited that everyone was contributing to the farms.  Even with her crazy worries of judgement, this really made me miss CSAs and local food.  We’re starving for good produce out here.
  • Viva la nipples, Our Milky Way — A post from The Healthy Children’s Project about breastfeeding and sore nipples: “A nursing mother should not feel any sensation more painful than a gentle tug while her baby is at the breast. If she reports any pain on a gradient scale, something is up.”

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