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Zara and me in a triangle of endless mirrors.

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  1. Though I agree with your article, as a mom who breastfed under a receiving blanket while in public, I take serious offense to your use (and promotion) of the term “nursing burka”. I wanted to breastfeed and it was a matter of personal comfort that, while in public, I did it under a light blanket. This is an unnecessary guilt trip and slightly hypocritical of you. We should all breastfeed but only without a blanket, as the use of it is somehow oppressive? That is a matter of personal comfort and women who use it should not be shamed by the term “nursing burka”. Are we less then you because we covered up for personal comfort?

    1. Sarah,

      Thank you for reading my article and for your comment. I’m sorry that phrase offended you — I don’t mean to imply that women should have to nurse without a cover if the feel more necessary using one. I draw the comparison between nursing covers and burkas because like burkas, they are coverings often mandated by others on the woman as a means of imposing modesty. You may have noticed that many of the comments on the Huffington Post piece state that women should only nurse in public if they are covered, not because they are advocating for the mother but rather for the feelings of the “others” who are present. In this way, the two coverings serve the exact same purpose.

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