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Finds of the Week:

  • Association Between State Laws Governing School Meal Nutrition Content and Student Weight Status Implications for New USDA School Meal Standards, JAMA Pediatrics — Newly released study found that stricter school lunch regulation has better health outcomes for kids.
  • Living With Less. A Lot Less.,  NY Times– An essay by Graham Hill, founder of and, about his transition from a consumer lifestyle to a life of simplicity.  His main message is that “after a certain point, material objects have a tendency to crowd out the emotional needs they are meant to support.”
  • Melissa Harris-Perry doesn’t want to steal your children, Salon  — A support of Harris-Perry’s statement that we all need to invest in our children’s futures.  Loved this:  “It takes a village. It’s supposed to. And our children don’t “belong” to us. They’re not our property. They’re participants in our society, and its future leaders. […] It’s about understanding the obligation that all of us share to all of our kids. It’s about making sure they are educated and cared for, protected by our laws but also loved and tended to by a wider, richer circle of friends, family and neighbors.”
  • Weaning: Burial, Literary Mama — I’m still catching up on my reading from the baby and the move.  This poem from March about weaning is perfect.

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