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Finds of the Week Last Couple Weeks:

Some of these are sort of outdated, I know, but I still think they are worth sharing.

  • All The Blog’s A Stage? On Strutting And Fretting Our Virtual Lives (And Also Honey Boo Boo), Her Bad Mother  — Questioning, and ultimately deciding against, whether or not blogging or writing about our children has the same negative or exploitative qualities as reality television.  This is one of those posts that remind me how much I love reading Catherine’s posts, and how much more time I wish I had to write pieces that similarly explore my life and thinking.
  • Gun Violence: Virtually a Thing of the Past in Japan, PRI’s The World — I heard this really interesting report on Japan, which has very, very strict gun ownership laws and essentially no gun violence, following the Aurora shootings.  “In 2008 in the U.S., there were 12,000 firearm related homicides. In all of Japan, there were 11. That’s fewer people than were killed just in the Aurora shooting. There were 587 Americans killed by accidental gun discharges. There were none killed in Japan.”
  • Island life carries a cost, Cape Cod Times — In case you’re curious: a little more on the cost of living on Nantucket.
  • The Milk Wars: Should Milk Be Taken Off the School-Lunch Menu?, Time Healthland Blog — We’ve probably all heard about the flavored milk debate.  This is about why plain milk, too, should be removed from school cafeterias.
  • Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, Wives, Texas Monthly — an in-depth look at last year’s obliteration of financial support for family planning services by the Texas legislature, removing on not just access to abortion services, but also well-woman care, prenatal care, and access to birth control (which apparently Texas male legislators think is only used by unmarried women who won’t “wait”).  For all my friends, family members, and readers in Texas — this is a must read!!
  • Soccer Mom Soapbox, Huffington Post — a great post about junk “food” and children, and how one mom took a stand after soccer games.
  • We Are Not Arguing Over Chicken, Huffington Post — Why Chick-fil-A’s anti-gay donations matter.

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