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Finds of the Week:

  • Breastfeeding Around the World, InCulture Parent — A good look at breastfeeding exclusivity and duration throughout the world, with wonderful pictures.  Don’t miss the last photo!
  • Impact of State Laws That Extend Eligibility for Parents’ Health Insurance Coverage to Young Adults, Pediatrics — Peer Reviewed Study: States that expanded eligibility to parents’ insurance in 2005 or 2006 experienced improvements in access to care among young adults.  As in, “Obamacare” works.
  • Labor and Deliverance — I discovered this blog a couple weeks ago and then spent hours reading through his archives.  He’s an OBGYN somewhere in Appalachia.  Not only does he do cool things like vaginally deliver twins (with one breech) and constantly promoting vaginal NOT surgical births, but he’s also funny as all get out…especially when describing some of his incredibly back-woods patients.
  • Raising a Little Buddha – Part 1, InCulture Parent — Post by a Buddhist Minister about raising an enlightened child.  It starts with intimacy, communication, and community.
  • Rick Santorum, Meet My Son, Slate — A piece by the mother of a child with Tay-Sachs reflecting on the contradiction between her passionate love for her son and her belief that it would have been “an act of love” to abort him.  She says, “I’m so grateful that Ronan is my child. I also wish he’d never been born; no person should suffer in this way—daily seizures, blindness, lack of movement, inability to swallow, a devastated brain—with no hope for a cure. Both of these statements are categorically true; neither one is mutually exclusive.”

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