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  • Eliza, Our Only Only Child, My Angle of Repose — a cute description of her daughter’s imaginary friend.
  • The infamous Chipotle video: will it help get rid of gestation crates?, Food Politics  — If you haven’t seen Chipotle’s video, you have to go watch it.  “Willis claims that his relatively free-range sows (confined in fields by electric fences) are nearly as productive.  His animals get to roll in the mud.  They do not fight and do not kill their piglets.  Yes, their meat ends up on the plate no matter how the animals are raised.  But means matter as much as ends.”
  • Please Keep Your Birthday Cupcake Out of My Kids’ Classroom, Huffington Post – Bettina Elias Siegel of The Lunch Tray talks about why kids don’t need sugary “treats” in the classroom.  I’d add that part of the problem isn’t that they’re sugary, but also that most parents probably bring treats filled to the brim with preservatives, artificial colors and ingredients.
  • Proposed Bisphenol A ban in food packaging would impact U.S. exports to France, USDA Report — France is on the brink of banning BPA in all food packaging; the USDA is worried about the financial implications…too bad they can’t be more worried about our health.
  • Top five regrets of the dying, The Guardian — Good food for thought…
  • What Might Have Been, NY Times — A woman’s account of learning more about her birth mother.
  • Why I Tell My Girls They’re Beautiful. Often., Motherhood Your Way — I couldn’t agree with this post more.  Part of raising healthy girls with positive views of their bodies is telling they’re beautiful and pretty and the like, in addition to commenting on their other attributes; doing so does not mean they will turn out to be shallow or unintelligent.

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