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Saturday Surfing


Finds of the Week:

  • Currently Reading, Stand And Deliver — If you are wondering why on earth someone would become an abortion provider, Rixa discusses books she’s read on the topic, trying to answer the same question herself.
  • How Much Do Bloggers Really Make?, The Feminist Blogger — Gina honestly and openly discussed how much she made last year from her blog.  Interesting post if you are interested in (or someday interested in) making money off your blog.
  • Multiple Fathers and Healthier Children in the Amazon, InCulture Parent — a fascinating look at cultures in the Amazon where pregnant women have sex with more than one man as a means of having multiple fathers for their children, who then have to help provide for them.  Studies have found that children with more than one “father” have a greater likelihood of living past childhood.
  • Old Nichols Farm — I just discovered this blog and I must say I’m jealous.  Jealous of the pictures (like these), jealous of the animals, but not jealous of North Dakotan cold.
  • Smashed Raspberry Chocolate Chunk Pancakes, Joy the Baker — I pinned this for summer, because who wouldn’t want raspberries and chocolate in pancakes?
  • This Week on Papoose: How Vital is Cow’s Milk? — two studies that might change your mind.
  • Top 10 Beaches, National Geographic — Nantucket, of course.

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