‘Tis the Season for Craftiness


One of the reasons I am much more in the holiday spirit this year is because it is an extra excuse for making crafts, and because of how much Nora enjoys those crafts.  We’ve made a few of the traditional art projects

(tissue paper wreath bring back any holiday memories?)

and we’ve been making things to give as gifts, for Nora that means doing lots and lots of painting, which she loves.  We aren’t just doing the old standard, brush on paper, we’ve been doing plenty of experimenting too.  Mostly, we’ve been trying out various household objects as “stamps” (the cookie cutters worked great), but we also repeated a fun painting project we did in one of our play group classes using bubble wrap.

First, you paint the bubble wrap.

Then you press a piece of paper on top of it.

Slowly peel it up…

And you have a really neat patterned painting.I could see this making really cool wrapping paper.

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  1. So much fun!!! The wreath looks so holidayish, and the bubble wrap craft is terrific! I’d never heard of that before. There is so much you can do with everyday objects. In middle school, my daughter meandered outside with craft class to find objects to use. They came up with some very creative, safe crafts. I always remember this. Maybe you could go to the beach with Nora and friends to find craft objects and ideas.

    Amber, what gift ideas have you been making lately?

    1. I’d love to share my gifts, but I don’t want to spoil any surprises, Donna. 🙂 I’ll be posting quite a few on Solstice and on Christmas day, I promise!

  2. Lovelorn Poets Avatar
    Lovelorn Poets

    Love that bubble wrap project! Glad to see you’ve been having fun. 🙂

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