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  • Believe…LOVE is what’s for Christmas, Beyond Breathing Blog — Please check out my friend Margarete’s post inviting people to give gifts in honor of her daughter Jena (random acts of kindness).  You can read more about Margarete in my blog post here.
  • Convention on the Rights of the Child, United Nations — I was reminded of this, this week.  Of course, the US was one of the few countries that failed to sign it.
  • EWG says kids’ cereals have too much sugar, Food Politics — Surprise, surprise.  Here’s the kicker: “Most parents say no to dessert for breakfast, but many children’s cereals have just as much sugar as a dessert — or more.”  Marion posted the full report here.
  • In Defense of the Nanny State, Politics Daily — This is old, but I just found it and thought it worth sharing.
  • Who Are The Young Farmers Of ‘Generation Organic’?, All Things Considered — A nice piece about the new generation of farmers, “This is an idealistic crowd; nobody says that they’re doing it to make money. Some describe their farming as a kind of protest against the idea that success means a big paycheck, or as a protest against an economy dominated by big corporations.”  Most certainly, this is one of the biggest things I miss about the Hudson Valley.
This week on Papoose:
Etsy Love, Winter Solstice:
1. winter solstice greeting cards  2. Wish Flags Kit  3. Glistening Pomander. Enchanted Witchery Oil 4. Winter Solstice Sky, superfine merino hand felted scarf 5. The Holly King – Pagan Winter Solstice God 8×10 Print  6. Full Moon Jewelry Winter solstice necklace  7. Dark Moon Necklace 8. Welcome, winter. Winter solstice holiday card 9. Upcycled Blue and White Winter Solstice Longies and Elf Hat

See more of my favorites here.

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