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Finds of the week:

  • $5 Challenge, Slowfood USA — This September 17, you’re invited to take back the ‘value meal’ by getting together with family, friends and neighbors for a slow food meal that costs no more than $5 per person. Cook a meal with family and friends, have a potluck, or find a local event.
  • 8 Reasons Why Stay-at-Home Dads Are Better Than Stay-at-Home Moms, Huffington Post — a tongue-in-cheek post from Greg Olear of Fathermucker.  I found this amusing, although it also made me wonder if I’m more of a SAHD than a SAHM.
  • The Annoying Kids’ Eating Habit Parents Should Adopt, Raise Healthy Eaters  — Why we shouldn’t force out kids to eat more when they say they’re full.  “The bottom line: I make a point to honor her hunger and fullness, even the times I’m disappointed she didn’t eat better, because I want her to grow into an adult who does the same.”
  • Birth: In The Comfort Of Home, NPR — From the “Baby Project” and short documentary of a home birth and discussion by the producer.  This quote from the midwife is just amazing: “People talk about how painful contractions are because they’re so strong. But what we want woman to know is that the strength of that contraction is the strength of their own bodies. They are as strong as the contraction is. And so they are able to manage it.”
  • The Definition Of Perfection: A Baby’s Birth Goes According To Plan, NPR — A beautiful birth story also from NPR’s “Baby Project.”  Baby was born drug-free at a birth center; at one point during labor, the center’s chiropractor even adjusted the mama to get things going more smoothly.
  • Politics, Farmers And Change: The End Of Rural America, Huffington Post — Interesting piece on Obama in Iowa, wondering: Whatever happened to his rural agenda?

Race Week Etsy Love:

1.Nautical Sailboat Birth Announcement Print Art Block  2. handmade vintage inspired sailboat dress 3. Hand Painted Necklace – Red Sailboat 4. Sailboat Card  5. Children’s Sailboat Step Stool  6. Abstract Sailboat Stained Glass Suncatcher 7. Sailboat Pacifier-Toy clip  8.  Sailboat Afternoon, Hand Painted Seaside Scene 9.  Colorful Shoreline Houses Sailboats Whimsical Folk Art Painting

See more of my Etsy favorites here.

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