End of Summer


I can’t believe we are mid-way through August already.  Only 18 days until a little someone turns two and only 12 days until we start to get Chris back.  Time just speeds by, and there’s a million things that I’m trying to cram in before September, which is why I’ve been such a slacker about posting.  This month started with World Breastfeeding Week, but hasn’t gotten any less busy since the festivities ended.

We’ve been baking pie:local peach pie,

monkeying around

at first birthday parties(Mr. T is one!),

taking babies and bunnies(and just about every stuffed animal in the house) for walks,

attending children’s concerts which turned out to be a little bit scarier than expected,

having play dates with Nora’s new best friend, Miss E,in rather fashionable outfits,

supervising and taste-testing dessert-making at the Brotherhood,

and building the best second birthday present ever:a one-of-a-kind, upcycled play kitchen.

Basically, we’ve been going, going, going until we drop.It’s been busy in a good way and, from the looks of my to-do list for the next two weeks, we’ll be at this pace for awhile… As long as I don’t take to many naps with the kiddos, like I did one day this week when I sat down in the armchair with Mr. T and succeeded at putting both him and myself down for a nap!

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