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I can’t believe it’s been a week (or more!) since I wrote a real blog post.  I’ve been super busy with my husband’s family’s six-day visitWhich was lots of fun and altogether way too short, but a little hectic at times trying to match the schedule of an active family with teenagers to our toddler-led pace.

They rented a house out in Madaket, one of the far edges of the island.  It was a beautiful, big house just a short meander from the beach,perfect for getting lost in fog or relaxing from the hustle and bustle of town.  Perfect for a vacation.But not necessarily the most perfect for us.  It’s only six miles from our house, but since we normally live within a one-mile radius (or less!) it felt so far away to have to get in the car every time I wanted to see them.  Somehow, pushing a stroller that’s exploding with stuff (really, exploding — how can two people this little require so much stuff?)

and carrying two 22+ lb kids feels like nothing, but I have to fight myself from getting annoyed if I have to drive six miles.  I know I sound like a giant cry baby right now.  I do realize that six miles is nothing compared to some commutes and I do count myself very, very lucky.  But, I’ve also quickly gotten acclimated to our island life and my perception of distance has changed from that of a driver to that of a walker.   That’s Nantucket.

Since they left, we’ve quickly fallen back into our old routines of parksand picnicsand trying to keep up with Mr. T’s fearless  love for the beach.

It’s been go-go-go during the days and since Monday I’ve been spending my evenings building a website for a local business (not quite done, but I’ll share it when it is; I think it’s fabulous!).  The website building is way more fun than you might think, and incredibly addictive, so I’ve stayed up many late, late nights this week to get it done.  And this is the part of the blog where I ask you to forgive me for writing such a slacker post after a week of silence, but I need to go to bed now before I end up sleeping sitting up.

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  1. nantuckettiechic Avatar

    Ah yes,the summer onslaught! How good of your in-laws to rent their own place. I’m pretty whiney about
    the Sconset or Madaket trek too but at least on the way to Madaket there’s the Mall. How’s Papoose doing?

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