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I love spring on Nantucket.  It’s so wonderful to see the island come alive again after months of a cold, desolate downtown.  The anticipation of summer grows as one by one shops and restaurants set up window displays and open their doors for business.  And in true Nantucket decadence, the community and island visitors gather together to celebrate spring with a festival of nostalgic beauty: the 37th Annual Daffodil Weekend.I’m always in love with how Nantucket celebrates.  Everyone was in spirit for the weekend, dressed in yellow and covered in daffodils, some even from head to toe.And Nora was too, thanks to a slap-dash sewing project Friday night after I heard last minute about the festivities.   (Next year we’ll be more prepared.)

There were costumesand a hat pageant

There were street performers,parades for children, parades for dogs,(which Nora went nuts for – she was trying to set a record for how many dogs she could pet)

and parades for antique cars all of which were dressed for the occasion.

And there were flowers.Baskets and baskets of flowers.Perfect for smelling and perfect for celebrating spring with my amazingly adorable and sometimes daffy little girl!

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  1. Lovelorn Poets Avatar
    Lovelorn Poets

    I LOVE that photo of Nora with the dog! So cute. 🙂 What did you use to make the head/hat part of the flower headpiece? It kind of looks like a modified cloth bag… (but not in a bad way… 🙂

    1. Amber Avatar

      It was supposed to be a bonnet (made out of a flannel sheet), but she was sleeping when I finished it and I put the ties too far forward, which made the flower slip around on her head…so I ended up tying it behind her head like a bandanna. Next year when I have more time I’ll come up with something better!

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