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I may not mention it as much as I used to, but I am still completely in awe of Nora.

How she could go from being nothing to this amazing little person who runs and plays,does arts and crafts,and plants flowers,in hardly any time at all, is unbelievable. I look at her sometimes and I just can’t believe incredible she is.

Today, Nora is 20 months old.She is a beautiful,loving,and creative little girl.

She can say more words than I can list, can climb all sorts of things, and is pretty proficient at getting herself undressed.  She loves to sing; she knows signs for her favorite songs (the ABCs, Twinkle, Twinkle, and the Hokey Pokey) and will walk around the house singing E-I-E-I.  She loves to talk about feelings; mostly she says “happy” (“happy baby,” “happy mama,” “happy Pip,” and “happy outside”), but she’s also starting to understand about being sad (she rubs her eyes and say “wah” for sad) and always tries to give Mr. T a toy if he cries.  She likes dressing up and loves putting on hats.  She still loves, loves, loves to read.  And for this entire week, she has worn diapers only at night, with hardly any accidents.  I don’t want to say “potty-trained” yet, because we’re still working on “number two” and I’m not taking her out of her night-time diaper any time soon.  But she is doing marvelously with peeing on her little potty and also has gone several times on toilets while we were out-and-about, which means she can be diaper-free for the day.  Ordering her teeny-tiny panties (which, even at the smallest size, turned out too big) brought bittersweet tears to my eyes.  Twenty months is so close to two.  Sometimes I look at her and I wonder where the baby went.But mostly, I watch with wonderment and joy as she explores her world and shows me just how quickly she can learn, and with how much silliness and pleasure.

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  1. Megan Metcalf Avatar
    Megan Metcalf

    She is getting SO BIG!! She’s freaking adorable.
    I think you should make another one now.

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