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The kids are sleeping

both of them…at once!  That hasn’t happened for weeks, so I thought I would take advantage of the moment to post a quick update before I get down to business.

We’ve been having lots of fun this past week catching bubbles

and trying to figure out how to blow them.It’s one of those tiny things I’d forgotten we have to learn.  Right now she’s mostly drinking the bubbles, but she’s also really trying to figure out blowing and it’s so cute to watch her try.

We’ve also been discovering sidewalk chalkand doing lots of coloring (or “Eece” as Nora calls it…no idea why).

And spending lots of time playing dress up with a box I filled full of scarves, hats, aprons, and…a bear costume (awesome “take-it-or-leave-it” find)!

We’ve gone on lots of walks in town and sat on almost every bench between our house and the Brotherhood.(Here she’s telling me to sit, too.)

We almost stole some Easter Eggs from Petticoat Row Bakery,

until I managed to distract her and sneak them back into the flower pot.

We went on our first few bike rides of the season, which she loved!

And the biggest development of the past few days is that Nora is now sleeping in a toddler bed!

Or, at least she did last night until 2:30 am when she stood at the bottom of the stairs and called “mama, mama, mama” until I came to get her.

It’s been busy, busy, busy the last few days, but I’ve been loving most of it.  It’s so nice to finally see some nice weather and to really be able to get out of the house.  It makes all the time spent indoors working, so much better.  And speaking of work, I better do some while they’re still sleeping…

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