Now that it’s getting warm, we’ve been spending less and less time at the ECC, only going on truly dreary days.  Instead, we’ve been having fun exploring all of the playground equipment on island. 

Nora has turned into quite the little monkey, climbing on everything in sight — including up onto our dining room table!

Now, when I’m cooking, she wants to stand on a step stool at the kitchen counter and “see.”
(Which makes for an interesting cooking challenge since that’s all the counter space we have…)

The higher up she can get, the happier she is, and she practically does it all on her own.Sometimes she lets us help her climb down…and sometimes she doesn’t:


As you can see, I really have to stay on my toes with Miss Monkey Daredevil (and a newly crawling Mr. T)!  But I’m loving the challenge

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  1. Sarah Meyers Avatar
    Sarah Meyers

    of course she was brave, she had a nice cushion to land on : )

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