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The other reason why I am excited for the change in seasons is an adorable collection of spring and summer clothes that’s waiting for Nora.

My mom and step-dad had fun before Christmas and this spring picking out a completely new wardrobe for Nora.  (I guess it pays to be the only grandchild and only girl in a family of mostly boys!)  Well, a few weeks ago when a giant box arrived on our doorstep, Nora tore into it immediately.And discovered it was stuffed full of 18-24 month and 2T clothes.  We are so thankful that my mom and step-dad wanted to send anything, let alone a toddler-sized box!The clothes inside were super cute, and Nora hasn’t gotten the memo yet that kids don’t like clothes, so there were plenty of “oohs” and “ahhs”.  She was so excited, I couldn’t stop myself from making a video…


It’s still pretty chilly here, and my little girl is still fitting in her 12-18 month clothes just fine, so we’ve mostly been sticking to her fall fashions.  Even if it seems silly to wear snowflakes and gingerbread at the end of March, I want to get as much use out of her current set before we pack it away until our next little girl is ready.  As I’m impatiently waiting for the chance to dress up Nora in her new clothes, I can’t help but think how strange that impatience is.  Here I am, the ponytail, no make-up, jeans and t-shirts wearing girl, and I’m ridiculously excited about little girl clothes.  Dresses, ruffles, pink, flowers, and lace included.  That’s something I never would have expected…which, I guess, just goes to show how cute the clothes are.

Please ignore the unmade bed.

They really, really are.So cute, in fact, it even makes nose-picking look loveable.

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  1. Love love the new green frog jacket! It was fun to watch her explore the package. Thanks for posting the video 🙂

  2. Lovelorn Poets Avatar
    Lovelorn Poets

    I want to wear colorful striped leggings too! (tho’ I might look a bit more crazy than cute…). Like the new blog layout. 🙂

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