Spring Fever


Spring is almost here and after a few teasingly warm days, we all have the fever.  As much as possible now, we’re getting out of the house and going for walks to town or the playground; lingering outside, not just running from the warmth of our house to the warmth of the ECC.  We’re so antsy for spring that loosing an hour wasn’t all that annoying…infact it was sort of nice, because it put Nora back on “normal” time in the morning.  She actually woke up at 6:30 this morning instead of 5:30 (like she’s been doing the last few days).  Let me tell you, 5:30 is brutal.  So brutal that in our desperate for more sleep daze, we’ve done something we said we’d never do:

Yes, we put on “TV” so our kid would leave us alone.  More than once.  It’s all down hill from here; we were on the slippery slope to buying a TV to mount in her bedroom and teaching her to turn it on every morning without getting out of her crib.  Luckily, the time change saved us from making decisions out of sleep deprivation.

In all seriousness, though, I am amazed at how much energy Nora has.  She’s like the energizer bunny.  And if anyone has spring fever, it’s her.  She goes up to the door and asks to go out now.Yesterday she went for two walks…and actually walked instead of riding in the stroller.  In the morning, she walked from our house almost to the row-houses on Orange (almost to Main St. – about a half mile), and in the afternoon, she walked from our house to Cumby’s and back (another half mile).  Chris said if he hadn’t had her turn around at Cumby’s, she would have kept going.

I am still just amazed at all that she can do.  Eighteen months ago, she was turnip baby; six months ago, she couldn’t even walk; and now?  Now she walks a mile with no problem.


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  1. Sarah Meyers Avatar
    Sarah Meyers

    that’s so cool! I’m glad that she holds hands, Aria does sometimes…… but only until she sees something she needs to sprint to.

    1. Yeah, Nora doesn’t always hold hands either…here, she needed help stepping onto the curb. 🙂

      1. Sarah Meyers Avatar
        Sarah Meyers

        ah, tricky : )

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