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Finds of the week.

  • Best and Worst Countries to be a Mother, InCulture Parent – “The 2010 Mothers’ Index rates 160 countries (43 developed nations and 117 in the developing world) in terms of the well-being of mothers and children. […] The U.S. places 28, primarily because its rate for maternal mortality – 1 in 4,800 – is one of the highest in the developed world. The U.S. also ranks behind many other wealthy nations in terms of its limited maternity leave policies. You’re better off being a mother in Lithuania or Latvia than in the U.S., which is on par with Poland, Slovakia and Belarus.”
  • DIY Recycled Sweater Pants, Prudent Baby – something for my long to-do list…
  • Gotcha! Elephant Caught Cheating, Krulwich Wonders – “…elephants can not only learn to work together, here’s one who figured out how to do something human males have been doing for years; she tricked her partner into becoming…a waitress.”  He he he.
  • Multicultured Parenting on Motherload – a beautiful piece on how babies and parents choose one another.
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Etsy Love:

1.  Spring Tulip Wreath 2. Miniature Fairy Doll 3.  Felted Slippers 4.  Handspun Yarn 5.  Handsewen Floral Heart Bowl Fillers 6.  Crocus – Polymer Clay Handmade Necklace Earrings and Bracelet Set 7.  Spring Crocus Cards 8.  Four Soft Cotton Bracelets 9.  Reconstructed Cardigan Wrap Sweater

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