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It’s back!  Hurray!

Awesome/interesting finds of the week:

  • 7 tons of ground beef recalled due to possible E. coli, CNN – Gag. Another example of why a global food system doesn’t work. Eat local…yes, you can find local meat.  Go to Eat Wild and search for a farm near you.
  • A Pirate Life on MADE – This is the kind of mom I want to be.
  • ‘Ga-Ga’ for Daddy’s Data, Wall Street Journal – To better understand how caregivers’ speech affects babies’ ability to learn language a professor at M.I.T. wired his house with 11 cameras and 14 microphones to record much of his son’s first few years of life.  He captured some 90,000 hours of video and 140,000 hours of audio (transcribing some 700,000 million words).  Really interesting…but can you imagine having to get something out of all that data?
  • Like Daughter, Like Father, Columbia Business School Study – When male CEOs have daughters, relative pay for women at their firms goes up, narrowing the persistent gender wage gap.
  • Will Your Husband Change Diapers? Maybe Not on India RealTime (A WSJ Blog) – Summary of a survey of men and women in six developing nations–Brazil, Croatia, Chile, India, Mexico and Rwanda–titled the “International Men and Gender Equality Survey”. Coordinated by the Washington, D.C.-based International Center for Research on Women and Brazil’s Instituto Promundo, which asked a total of around 8,000 men and 3,500 women in the age groups of 18-59 in the six countries questions about their attitudes on health, relationships, parenting, sexual behavior and violence.  Some of the answers are downright scary, like those about violence against women.

St. Patrick’s Day Etsy Love:1. Lucky Clover Sterling Silver Green Glass Earrings 2. KISS ME clover botanical illustration 3. Glass lampwork ladybug on four leaf clover pendant 4. Water-resistant tent canvas bag 5. St Patricks Day Baby Loafers 6. Slouch Cabled Beanie 7. Cotton Scarf 8. St. Patrick’s Day Green and White Hair Bows 9.  Irish Brew Handcrafted Soap

And I don’t really like tea cozies, but this made me laugh:PDF Knitting Pattern

Yeah, I won’t be knitting that any time soon.  See more of my favorite Etsy finds here.

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