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It’s been a pretty serious week around here, with my post about Christmas and the last post.   I have to thank everyone for the incredibly supportive response to my discussion of abortion; it took my breath away.  I had been hemming and hawing about that post for over a week, but finally decided to go with it.  Putting my experience out in the open was an important final piece of my healing process and I couldn’t have gotten a warmer, more heartfelt response.  Thank you.

I have a few more thought-provoking, serious pieces in mind, but I decided to save them for next week and to the lighten the mood a bit.  This blog is, after all, about finding joy…

So I thought I’d share a couple videos from my YouTube channel.

Joy is: Dancing with her cousin Jack

YouTube video

Watching the national dog show on Hulu.

YouTube video

Discovering Grandma Helen’s commercial on YouTube.

YouTube video

(More, more, more!!!)

Horsey rides.

YouTube video

Knowing all the animal names.

YouTube video

And cake!

YouTube video

There’s a few more videos there, so if you love watching Nora, go check them out!

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