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This last week of 2010 has flown by — and it’s really going out with a bang.  I had thought that I would be back to regular blogging this week, but with preparing for Christmas, Christmas, my family visit, and late nights working on my New Year’s resolution (to be discussed Sunday)…I didn’t have much time or energy from blogging (or mailing out my Christmas cards…those will be arriving in the mail next week).  So, what did I do?

I sewed an adorable Christmas dressfor our little elf.And watched her tear into a pile of presents taller than she is.(Yes, despite our best efforts, Miss Nora got 11 presents.)

I ate a massive New England Christmas dinnerwith some really great company.

Encouraged Nora to get to know her grandma

Discovered what an attentive uncle my little brother Sergei is.

Walked around townand met some new doggies.

Took my family to the whaling museum.Where we had fun looking at the Festival of Trees Christmas trees…especially the Wee Woofin’ Whalers tree.(Of course Nora would find the one thing covered in pictures of dogs.)

And laughed at Dad’s determination to get good pictures…despite the 50 mile per hour wind and freezing temperatures.

I visited a lighthouse…to take lots and lots of pictures.

And spent tons of time with Chris who had THREE days off in a row,most of which were spent cooking or cleaning without complaint.Our Dada rocks.

And just generally had a busy, family- and fun-filled week (with a little work squeezed in on the side).  It was a great time, but it was exhausting too,and we’re looking forward to getting back to our regular routine next week…in 2011!

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  1. Laura Zurowski Avatar
    Laura Zurowski

    You made that dress? Amazing! Looks like you had a wonderful holiday – best of luck in 2011. 🙂

  2. when aria sees dogs, she squeals a really high pitched squeal. does nora still yell “dog”?

    1. Yes, she does. It’s changed a bit, though…now it sounds a lot like Dada.

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