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My dad and little brother left early this morning, stuffed full of Chris’ amazing Thanksgiving food and ready to get of the island before the Biden’s take over the air space.  With all the visitors we’ve had, we have developed a sort of unofficial itinerary of “the sights” every Nantucket visitor must see.

Of course, we walk all over town to look at (but usually not in) shops.  We walk by the marina to ogle gigantic yachts.  We always stop to have a fabulous dinner at the Brotherhood (which is such a must on Nantucket that the Biden’s were eating there when Chris went to work today).And, during the winter, we get to hang upstairs in our own private pool hall.

We usually end up at Tupency Links, Pip’s favorite part of the island.

Which is also good for letting Nora run around, and for a great view of the Nantucket Sound.

We always go to a beach – because you can’t visit an island without going to a beach.Especially when you’re from Iowa!

And what’s Nantucket without a visit to a lighthouse? Dad wanted to drive around and see the island; getting in the car is not really my favorite thing, but it was good to indulge his curiosity.  Plus, he was already way out of his element spending Thanksgiving in our TV-less house (no football).  So we drove out to the Sankaty Head Lighthouse which had been restored since I was last there two years ago.

And they did quite the job restoring it.We arrived just as the sun was starting to set, and it  was really beautiful.

The lighthouse is up on a cliff on the Eastern edge of the island, just 3,048 miles from Spain.  Definitely worth the drive (or an afternoon bike ride if you have the time).

I think it’s interesting what things we decide to show people when they visit us.  A lot of times, I also throw the old mill into the tour and if the visitor is right, then the Take-it-or-Leave-it is a good destination, too.  What would/do you show visitors to your town?

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  1. Laura Zurowski Avatar
    Laura Zurowski

    Next time I visit I want to go to the Take-it-or-Leave-it! 🙂 You manage to get some awesome stuff there.

    Visitors to New Paltz are taken to Karma Road (esp. in the summer as they have awesome fruit smoothies), Barner Books and the two used record stores, the Groovy Blueberry (cuz’ you can’t be this close to Woodstock and NOT want a tie-dye shirt…) and then some walking on the Rail Trail and historic Huguenot Street. The Mountain Brauhaus is great for old-time German food and beer with names I can’t pronounce.

    Hope you had a fun Thanksgiving!

  2. Oh, I want to go in the stores! We’ve got to bring back Nantucket sweatshirts and goodies. One of the must haves is a Christmas ornament from Nantucket for our tree. Plus, the yummy bakery that you’ve mentioned before.

    Driving around the island probably will be necessary in December. I hope that it is warm enough to walk, but who knows. I’d like to see Tommy Hilfiger’s house and all the other old colonial -cape code style homes. Dreaming for the future….dad’s always wanted a beach house, why not on Nantucket?
    Love – Mom
    Yes, we’re prepared for the bowl game watching, our rental house has a big screen TV in the basement.

  3. Meagan Hemingson Avatar
    Meagan Hemingson


    That’s great that your dad and RJ came to visit. I can’t believe how big RJ is now. You’re living in a pretty incredible area. Happy Thanksgiving!

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