Last week, Chris’ day off changed at the last minute from Tuesday to Thursday, which meant he was off on a day that I wasn’t watching Mr. V.  Since we had the whole day with just the three of us, we spontaneously decided to head out to Siasconset.  We hadn’t been to ‘Sconset since the summer Chris worked at 21 Federal, when we had a fabulous day riding bikes out there, taking a picnic to the beach (where we saw a seal) and then stopping at the Sankaty Head Lighthouse.

That trip was fun, but this one was better – because now we have a cute addition to the self portraits:

We didn’t ride bikes this time, because the distance would have been a bit much for Nora, who hates her helmet, unfortunately.  (We’re working on that.)  But even without the bike ride, it was a fun day.  We walked down the side streets, enjoying the slowness so different from town.

We stopped at the little sandwich place in the square, where Nora had her first taste of peanut butter & jelly,

which was a sticky mess, but worth it for the experience.

Then we walked adjacent to the beach, but not on it, because Chris wanted to avoid sand (oh yeah, I’m remembering something similar last time we went to ‘Sconset…maybe Nora’s hatred of the beach is genetic).  And let Nora have a swing at the park,

because she loves swinging so much.

Meandering all the little streets was so calming.  ‘Sconset really feels like a different world, which is funny because all the architecture is the same and it’s only a few miles away, but it’s just quiet.

And it was such a beautiful afternoon – I didn’t want it to end.  Neither did Chris, apparently, because he said, “Wouldn’t it be nice to live out here?”  Oh yes, it would.

But, eventually we found our way back to the car, and headed back into reality.

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  1. there’s sand at the playground….. : )

    1. Haha, yeah. I think he meant wet sand.

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