Vivi’s First Birthday

Happy first birthday to my little Vivienne. There was no themed birthday party considering the times we’re in, but that’s alright. Probably, if we’re being honest, for a baby, that’s preferable. No weird things messing up her routine, just a nice day at home with the family, fun crawling around outside in the leaves, and then pumpkin cake after dinner. At one, Vivi is such an incredible delight. She laughs so much more than any of the other girls did as babies – she’ll even start laughing if she just hears the word “funny.” She keeps us all smiling all day long. She’s pulling herself up on things, but isn’t doing too much stepping yet, so I expect we’re going to have another late walker. She knows a handful of words, loves to quack at ducks and neigh at horses, crawls all around the house finding things to get into, dances when she hears music, and loves pretty much all food (making up for her early days). I think she looks like Zara. It’s been a whirlwind year, but I most certainly could not have asked for a better tiny human to share 2020 with or to be part of our family. ♥️

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