Birthday Cheer Despite a Cold

Adelaide is 3.5! I wish I could say she had an incredible day, but unfortunately she has a cold of some sort passed to her from one of her sisters. (Definitely a cold and not anything else; said sister had a negative COVID test last week.) So I don’t think she was feeling great most of the day. ☹ We did have a fun hour in the backyard before dinner playing in leaves and tossing around a football, and then she helped me make peanut butter frosting for PB&J cupcakes before putting herself to bed at 5:30. I thought that was it…that she was down for the count, but at 8 she woke up and we were able to have our half birthday celebration after all, right before put Vivi to sleep. This year I broke with tradition and one of the books I got her is actually a coloring book. She is currently obsessed with coloring and does a really good job of staying in the lines, so I went “broad” on the definition of book. Judging by her reaction it was definitely worth it. The actual book she got was My Words by my cousin @grantdraws, which is super cute and just got released. All the girls were excited to read it. ♥️ She wasn’t super into being sung to and didn’t want to blowout her candle, but I’m chalking that up to not feeling well. Now she’s coloring for a bit before back to bed and hopefully feeling better tomorrow. Happy half birthday sweet girl.

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