Cloth Dipers


I wish I could say there’s something exciting in the canning pot, but I’m just doing a little late-night boiling of diapers.

These diapers are on baby four now and definitely were in need of a stripping – as was evidenced by all the soap bubbles in the pot – all of which came out of the diapers. We use a minimal amount of cloth diaper soap but I’m not sure that our front loader has been doing the job it’s supposed to (despite occasionally weighing the load down with a wet towel).

I’m debating buying Vivi a new set of inserts and a couple of covers, but they’re super expensive and since we’re not expecting to have another baby, I thought I’d give this a go first.

Back in the day, I wrote a few blog posts about #clothdiapers. I’ve been thinking maybe it would be interesting to post an update on how I feel about diapers 3 babies later. Anyone interested?


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