Vivi in Cloth Diapers

So much baby chub Also I loooove babies in cloth diapers. It’s just too cute. We got lucky and I had not yet gotten rid of our diapers (when I went through our baby stuff purge post Addie, when I thought she would be our last). So I didn’t have to buy any diapers for Vivienne – she is currently wearing a set of cotton diapers I bought used for $40 when I was pregnant with Nora. When we lived in our trailer on Chris’ dad’s land I gave up cloth diapering Addie for a time because his washing machine only washes with cold water, and then we were on the road only going to laundromats every 2 weeks. It was such a bummer to switch to disposables and I couldn’t believe how expensive it was! Addie ended up being the hardest to potty train and I swear it was because she wore disposable diapers. It’s been so nice to be back to cloth with Vivi, and I’ve made my mind up to try and make cloth work if we’re on the road again next year. Are there any #fulltimefamilies out there that have figured out cloth diapering on the road? If so, I would love to know how you do it.

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