Toddler’s Love for Swaddling Blanket Capes

I think one of my favorite things I will remember about Addie is how incredibly in love with “capes” she is. After watching Frozen about a million times, she has taken to wearing swaddling blankets as if they are capes and running around with them streaming out behind her. She does it all over the house (although that’s dangerous…she has run into walls multiple times because she was too busy trying to watch the blanket billow out behind her to look where she was going ), and she loves to take them on every walk we go on. She has been really into blankets (and towels or wash rags) for a long time, always putting baby dolls and stuffed animals into makeshift beds all across the house with whatever she can find for a blanket, but the cape thing is a newer mode of play. She has an actual cape in her dressup bin, but only wants to uses these blankets. I love watching how tiny humans’ brains work, seeing the ideas they comes up with, and how they can get hours out of play out of the simplest thing. #simpleplay #swaddlingblanket #wildandfree #pretendplay #cape #superhero #thisisthree @adenandanais

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