Struggles with Breastfeeding and Supplementing


3 months: 9lbs 1oz, 22.5in long.
We’re celebrating every ounce but still not totally sure what the solution is besides lots and lots of pumping and supplementing. I took Vivi to an ENT today. She has a mild posterior tongue tie, but we didn’t get a magic solution to our nursing woes; he said there’s nothing to clip, all the tissue was too thick. So back to supplementing and OT to try to loosen things up.
All the pumping and worry about weight is pretty frustrating and I honestly get why lots of moms in this situation give up. I spent 6 years as a La Leche League leader and got my lactation consultant certification, and I feel like this has stretched my training and knowledge to the brink.
I’ve spent hours pouring through my textbooks and reading all I can to come up with a solution without much luck…and I’m working, and parenting 3 other kids, on top of all the normal postpartum hormones and lack of sleep. I can’t imagine how this would all be going down if this was my first baby or if I hadn’t successfully breastfed 3 other babies for 2+ years each. There isn’t a La Leche League meeting as far north of Austin as we are, and I’m really missing that tribe right now: all the amazing women who shared at meetings and, especially, my amazing fellow leaders.
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