Torn Between Mild Texas Winters and Snow


Two years in and I am still so torn about winters in Texas. We got a swing set for the girls and they installed it in the backyard today. It was blustery with just enough of a nip in the air that I wanted them all in light jackets, but of course the big girls insisted that they didn’t need them. Mild winters without the hassle of lost mittens and 5 layers or having to scrape the car are nice, but they’re also a little wrong to me too.

My brother sent pictures of his boys playing in the snow this week and I do miss it more than not. I grew up in Iowa where seasons are most definitely a thing and until now we’ve always lived places with white winters.  Of course, northern Wyoming where we were able to make a snow cave the first week of October was a little more than I bargained for (though it does make for a great memory now!), but I would love a good January snow. I think at some point we’ll need to add Christmas break into our travel schedule in addition to summer so we can get a little snow…or maybe someone can mail me some?


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