We joined the minivan club.


It’s official…we’ve joined the #minivan club.
We spent the summer debating what we were going to do with our addition of a fourth car seat. We’ve been a one car family for the better part of the last 10 years, and for the last three years that one car has been our truck, for towing our trailer. Going back to having multiple cars seemed silly considering Chris and I work together and our office is walking distance from our house. But, while we can fit 6 people in our truck, it’s not especially comfortable, so we’ve been discussing how to handle both every day driving and also summer roadtrips.
We knew that driving with a little in the middle of the front seat of our truck isn’t realistic, and we aren’t keen on the idea of having two separate vehicles on drive days like some bigger rv families do. So we made the jump to the minivan and are in the process of selling our truck and trailer. As much as we like the trailer, without our truck there’s no way to tow it.

Don’t worry – our nomadic adventures will continue – we’re going to upgrade to something driveable…maybe a skoolie? And in the meantime I have been enjoying our new #mommobile.


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